As you might know, ships were quite frequently rebuild or updated to fit current standards. I thought that my Website could also need a rebuild, especially since the name is actually from Wo-Class Carriers. Furthermore I started a new Patreon page which should help me to create some specific tools that I always wanted to create. So in the end I thought that I could combine this new chapter with a new Design which resembles more the origin of the name and this blog entry should mark the beginning of the new journey.

Everyone is on Patreon now…

…if you think about it and I’m there too! Why I did this is actually quite simple. Since I started modding I thought that it would be quite cool if we would have some kind of tool which installs your Mods, looks for updates and if it is flagged as outdated it will turn off the mod again for you. But it’s not possible to do this without having a server with an own URL and much more.

I waited a long time and thought clearly about it and ended in the conclusion that the best thing would be to start a Patreon page since it won’t end in just one tool. I already have ideas for more. So if you are interested in it you can visit it here and look if one of the Reward tiers is something for you.

Some changes to the release schedule

From now on I will give people access to certain development levels. A normal user gets access to mods when they are finished just as they do at the moment. Patreons have the possibility to get access to exclusive tools or early access through a beta or work in progress project. If you are interested in early access then visit my Patreon page here.

The Design…

…got a huge layout change. Although the old design was quite modern I changed it because somehow it felt like I’m not really using a certain system due to the dedicated Mod pages. When you think about it: I actually never did stuff like talking about recent client changes like the latest Python script changes and how it will affect the modding scene and users, I never talked about balance changes and how I feel about them although a Blog is actually the place for this stuff. It just feels like I actually never used the most important feature of this website. So I decided to change the design and give blog posts a higher role in the future.

“But are you going to do Anime Mods only now?”

To end this Blog post I thought that this is actually one of the biggest questions that should get answered. I won’t do “only Anime” stuff in the future. I know that the theme of the Website suggest such a thing but the theme is more about who I am and how people should see me and not what I offer. You will still get stuff like the Horizontal Techtree, tools like the Ship Name Selector and of course historical skins if someone actually request them.

I’m looking forward to hear from you in the commend section and I hope you will still support me in the future.


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