Half a year has passed since the last remodeling article. A lot of things has changed and we could finally buy a own webserver where we can edit everything we want. With this article we want to explain what will happen in the future and which changes were made.

The Changes

Obviously, the first thing that changed was the theme. We were not really happy with the old design and we could finally pick a very nice, new design which fits our needs thanks to our supporters via PayPal and Patreon. But the design is not the only thing which changed.

We also changed all download links to shorter ones with ads. Why do we do this? Runing a domain and a proper webspace is sadly not cheap and we are very thankfull for everyone which supported us so far. We could reach this milestone only with your help afterall and we hope that we can provide ad free content for everyone in the future.

Right now at this moment it is sadly not possible to offer for everyone ad free links. We hope that you will still support us in the future.

The Future

As you can see we couldn’t move all mods to the new installation so far. The reason for this is that we changed our policy regarding links and we hope that it doesn’t take us to long to port everything from the old installation to the new one.


Last but not least we want to say thank you for an awesome year and we wish everyone nice holidays!

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