A new WoWs UI Mod which modifies nearly the complete UI like Consumeabels, Modernization icons, Backgrounds and much more.

WoWs Version 0.6.2.X

What is this mod about?

This mod changes literally the complete UI into an anime themed wonderland for people that don’t get enough of cute girls doing cute things. It changes stuff like modernization icons, detection icons, captain skills and much more. A detailed list of all changes will follow later.


  • A complete blue theme(Buttons and other green components got changed into blue)
  • New Game Loadingscreens
  • New Logo
  • New Consumeabel Icons
  • New Modernization Icons
  • Raise Pantsus instead of Signal Flags
  • New Captain Skill Icons
  • New Rank Icons
  • New Reward Icons
  • New Video Previews
  • New Achievements
  • New Camoflauge Icons
  • Some Captain portraits got changed (more in a future update)
  • New Ribbons
  • New Port Background Images (Techtree, ect.)
  • New Map Loading Backgrounds
  • New Login Screen Backgorund Wallpapers
  • New Images for Daily missions
  • New Images for Missions
  • New Images for Challanges
  • New Contour Icons



(We don’t offer the Installer for Version due to the amount of bug reports we got during the last time, it would just delay it even furthermore)

We wouldn't be able to do what we do now without your help, and in appreciation to our supporters we improved our services and will grant direct downloads to all of you who keep trusting in our project by donating via patreon or paypal.

Password for all downloads: woeramods

Disclaimer: We do not support or want to promote any fascism, nazi ideology, imperialism and whatsoever. This modification is only for historic accuracy.



  • Fixed minimap.swf
  • added new camo icon
  • Added new Ship Contour Icons for 2 new ships
  • Exchanged Italy flag (now with 100% more WW2 history)
  • Added missing flag (for new premium ship)
  • Added new Map bgs
  • Updated existing Map bgs
  • Fixed team panel

4 thoughts on “[0.6.2.X] Fleet Redux – WoWs UI”

  1. This mod is pretty old, but why not, let’s try…
    So, the game freezes on the loading screen, it’s on like 99,9% you can wait, and wait, and the game won’t allow you to get into the port.
    I have installed the normal version & the pantsu historical flags. Is it possible to fix by someone who never made mods for WoWs, or i have to wait for the new patch?
    From the loading screen i can see, that you put massive effort into this mod, it’s really sad, that it isn’t working.

    Best regards

    1. Since I can’t edit my first post, I’ll have to make reply.
      I have deleted file called ‘service_lib.swf’ from \gui\flash folder, now I can get to the login screen, but the game isn’t allowing me to do it (login), i’m just stuck with the circle, and nothing happens. When i’m turning off all of my mods, everything works fine. Weird (I think).

      1. I’m working on an update. I have the feeling that you will have to replace every flash file in the meantime. They changed some couple of things since then.

      2. I’m back! After deleting the folder ‘unbound’ from gui, i was able to get into the game, everything looks fine. File called ‘dock.xml’ is bugged, if you have it in ‘unbound’ you’re stuck on the login screen but when you delete it, your port ‘loses’ textures, it only has (I believe, i’m not specialist in these things) diffuse and normal maps. (Or maybe is that because i’m using custom port?) I wish that I could know how to fix it.

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