During the PTS from 0.5.8 WG introduced a new ribbon system with detailed ribbons. At the same time they wanted to change the design but due to heavy negative feedback they decided to keep the old ones and just updated some colors back then. I got all ribbons from 0.5.8 and offer them as a Mod for you out there.

WoWs Version 0.6.3.X

What is this mod about?

People requested the old detailed ribbons whcih were active during the Public Test of 0.5.8. They got removed and were never seen again. Sadly no one actually had a backup of it and people still requested it quite frequently on reddit and other platforms. I decided to give it a try and contacted WG about it. Some days later I recieved a pack of all Ribbons from this Test version and I can finally deliver somehting which got requested quite frequently.


  • All Ribbons from 0.5.8 are back again
  • First Design wave (background line is smaller then the current ones which are still in the hud_lib file)
  • Detailed ribbons form 0.5.8 also included.




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Password for all downloads: woeramods

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