The Ship Name Selector is back and even better as before! Create your own Modules and apply changes with just one click. Doesn’t matter if it is English, German, French or anything else.


What’s this mod about?

A long time ago me and my friends were talking about the Kongo ingame and came to the conclusion that WG made a very small mistake for the gamplay and so on. But for fans from the navy  it could be a big disaster. The last C Hull from Kongo isn’t really Kongo. It’s from her sister ship Hiei. One of the reasons why we started to search for the possibility to change this. WG doesn’t have the plan right now to add the possibility to choose your name. So we thought that we should make this possible, at least on the client side, with our current possibilities.


  • Change the name for nearly every Ship in the game. (Every Nation Included!)
  • Change the Nation Names to their Navy Counterpart.
    • U.S.A => U.S. Navy
    • Germany => KM (short for “Kriegsmarine” and “Kaiserliche Marine”)
    • ect.
  • Settings will be saved after closing the program.
  • Use prefixes (when availiable)
    • USS Phoenix
    • SMS Dresden
    • ect.
  • Hull upgrade names will take over the ship name
  • Techtree Redux support (also compatible with TheSeekers techtree mod)
  • Modules System


Warning: Techtree Redux support isn’t localized. We are using native terms like “Kaiserliche Marine”.

Please note: Modules might not be translated!

We wouldn't be able to do what we do now without your help, and in appreciation to our supporters we improved our services and will grant direct downloads to all of you who keep trusting in our project by donating via patreon or paypal.

Password for all downloads: woeramods

How to install this modification?

If you already have an old version: Delete it completly. This Version is not compatible with old SNS Versions

Extract the content of the rar file and start the application file.

Go to Settings and select your WoWs Installation Folder.

Patch Notes


  • Added new premium ships
  • Changed some parts of the code

4 thoughts on “[]Ship Name Selector”

  1. Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to make this mod working on non-English client as I use another language. It doesn’t seem to apply the ships’ renaming on the French client for instance.
    Thank you in advance for the answer.

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