Making your game the most historically accurate. Introducing the Flags Redone mod which got revived form the deaths.

WoWs Version 0.6.11.X

What is this mod about?

A very long time tried a good friend of us to modificate a certain file. A certain file with the power to change the all or nothing approach from all modders so far. We are finally able to have three diffrent flags on german vessels at the same time. But it doesn’t stop there. We could add for each hull in the game an own flag. Which means every hull from the Furutaka (A) Hull to the (C) Hull from Zuiho could have an own flag.


  • Changes the flag on
    • Emden
    • Dresden (All Hulls)
    • Karlsruhe (All Hulls)
    • Kolberg (All Hulls)
    • Königsberg (A Hull)
    • Yorck (A Hull)
    • Nürnberg (A Hull)
    • Nassau (All Hulls)
    • Kaiser (All Hulls)
    • König (All Hulls)
    • Bayern (All Hulls)
    • König Albert (All Hulls)
    • and much more
  • Change the Japan flag into the Rising Sun Flag for the Japanese Navy
  • Arpeggio Flags added
  • Dragon Flags added
  • Different Flag for Ships from the Imperial German Navy
  • Different Flag for Ships from the Imperial Russian Navy
  • Optional: Swastika Flag in the client if wished.
  • Contour icons added (with the correct flag as a background)

Ship Carousel

  • Changed the position for:
    • ship name
    • xp bonus symbol
  • Changed the size for the xp bonus symbol

Compact Ship Carousel

  • Changed the position for
    • ship name
    • xp bonus symbol
    • Tier Indicator
    • Primary Ship indicator
  • Changed the size for
    • ship names
    • sp bonus symbol
  • Exchanged the ship preview image

Preview of latest version


(We don’t offer the Installer for Version 0.6.2.X due to the amount of bug reports we got during the last time, it would just delay it even furthermore)

There is currently a bug which resulsts in “Killer Group Chatboxes”. I reccomend in not opening group chats as long as you wanna have a living client.

We wouldn't be able to do what we do now without your help, and in appreciation to our supporters we improved our services and will grant direct downloads to all of you who keep trusting in our project by donating via patreon or paypal.

Password for all downloads: woeramods

Disclaimer: We do not support or want to promote any fascism, nazi ideology, imperialism and whatsoever.  This modification is only for historic accuracy.



  • Added 4 new flags
  • Removed “New News Icon”
  • Added 2 new Ship Contour Icons

6 thoughts on “[0.6.11.X] Flags Redone”

  1. I installed latest aslains mod (Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.6.11.0_00) with ur mod enabled, but i dont see risin sun or swastika flags on my ships. Whats wrong ?

    1. I can’t really tell you where the problem lies.

      I have to remove this mod atm anyway because there is a bug which is not solveable from my side. Reporting it to WG atm.

        1. It partially works.

          Group Chats are killing the client. And I can’t really tell you why you don’t see a rising sun flag. I just tested my upload with my own tool and the japan flag gets shown correctly without any problems at all. I will contact Aslain about this.

      1. I’m curious about the bug. What happened?

        I’ll miss this if it can’t come back, though at least most of the ships I spend a lot of time in are from later years so the loss isn’t too noticeable for me. Still, it was nice.

  2. Given with what has transpired with WG policy on Historical Flags of the Kriegsmarine and Imperial Japanese Navy on their website and the altering of the script file, are you guys going to release this mod again as your website is a standalone from WG?

    Was and is truly a great mod! please consider

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