[0.6.11.X] New News Icon Remover

This Mod will remove the “New News!” Icon at the top left corner from your port.

WoWs Version 0.6.11.X



New News Icon Remover

We wouldn't be able to do what we do now without your help, and in appreciation to our supporters we improved our services and will grant direct downloads to all of you who keep trusting in our project by donating via patreon or paypal.

Password for all Files: woeramods

How to Install

Place the content folder in the current version folder in “res_mods” located in your WoWs installation folder.


[] 0.5.8 PTS Alternative Ribbons for current Update

During the PTS from 0.5.8 WG introduced a new ribbon system with detailed ribbons. At the same time they wanted to change the design but due to heavy negative feedback they decided to keep the old ones and just updated some colors back then. I got all ribbons from 0.5.8 and offer them as a Mod for you out there.

WoWs Version 0.6.3.X

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