In our Mod Showcase we present to you all our diffrent Mod categories with a small description for them. If you are interessted into one mod which gets presented or into the category of this mod pls click either on the thumbnail or “Read more” or follow the show all link.

0.5.8 Alternative Ribbons for current Update

Ribbons from the Public Test Server which were used during the 0.5.8 testing period.

Flags Redone

This modification adjusts all flags in the game. Using the simpler Installer everything is done autmatically and without problems. Play ships form the Imperial German Empire with the correct flag meanwhile ships like Tirpitz have also the correct flag.

Fleet Redux

A complete blue UI rework combined with elements and game character from Kantai Collection. Embrace your favorite girls in World of Warships with the possibility to change signal flags into pantsu. Sadly the space is limited so we can‘t show you all changes that we have made. Try it out and let us surprise you.

Anime Skins

We love anime and ships. so why not combining it? We create skins for World of Warships and combine our love for World of Warships with our love for anime.

Fun Skins

Skins we made because we thought the idea of that certain guy is funny like Yuros‘s visit France Dunkerque skin or our slav tracksuit skin collection

Dark Fleet of Fog Port Modifications

The Fleet of Fog raised up again and overtook several human ports. The Fog always with them. This mod adds all original Ports with a new weather which fits the description of the Fleet of Fog.

Ship Name Selector

The Ship Name Selector is back and even better as before! Create your own Modules and apply changes with just one click. Doesn’t matter if it is English, German, French or anything else. Change your shipnames to other historical names and add optional prefixes for all navies that used them.